Mind is the Ride

By Jet McDonald

An adventure through cycling and philosophy

Friday, 18 December 2015

Fan mail

You probably shouldn't blow your own trumpet. But sometimes you do need to ring your own bike bell. At least to let someone know that you're charging through a pedestrianised area with a copy of the latest Boneshaker cycling magazine (hot off the press issue 17)

I mainly use my bell when I'm rolling down an unbelievably steep hill with the wind busting the freckles off my nose. Not to tell anyone to get out of the way, just to tell the world that I'm having so much fun rolling down a hill with the wind busting freckles off my nose.

Sometimes other people will ring their own bells on your behalf. And here we have a hearfelt, self-described fan mail...

" I subscribe to Boneshaker, it's my biggest treat. I'm always so excited when it arrives, it's a proper Christmas morning kid type feeling. And then I read it from cover to cover, over a week or so: relishing it. I love reading about all the stuff people get up to, and some of the artwork is wonderful. But really your article is the cherry on the top of my Christmas morning cake, it's always so beautifully written and thoughtful and I seemingly never fail to comment on it and tell Jane she should read it. The article often stays with me and I ponder the ideas. I even actually considered writing you fan mail, so consider this the fan mail realisation. Poor Jane has to listen to this joyful process a few times a year...she clearly knows what I'd like for Christmas one day...A whole book of your writing. "




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