A 'Thank You' Letter

Thursday, 19 January 2017

As we make progress with crowdfunding this collection of Miles Kington's letters, we will occasionally share some of the letters we are unearthing from within the piles of Miles' correspondence. A taster of the book to come, if you will.

Now that Christmas is just a hazy, leftovers- and chocolate-fueled memory, some of you may be harrassing your children to write belated 'thank you' letters to the friends and relatives who supplied Playstation games, Ladybird books, selection boxes and small ponies for the piles of gift-wrapped presents under the long-dead tree, so we thought this 'thank you' letter from Miles to Simon Kelner, the then editor of The Independent, would be a fitting missive to share with you today..

Even if he does spell his name wrong.

Thanks to everyone who has supported the book so far. If you can, please spread the word so that we can get even closer to making My Mother, The Bearded Lady a reality.


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