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A tale of two families torn apart by hidden debts of love...

Thursday, 24 November 2016

STOP PRESS: Midland is now 50% funded!

Well... when I blogged on Monday that I was hoping to hit 50% funded by Christmas, I certainly didn't expect to hit that target within 48 hours. But thanks to the extraordinary generosity of a certain someone who asked me to speak at his cultural event back in October and who signed up for the £1,000 sponsorship pledge just this morning, that has happened.

Halfway to the finish line. It's a big moment. I thought many times in the past 300 days (yes, that's how long this campaign has been running) that I would never even get to this point. But now here we are, and I am number three on the Unbound trending chart which is by far the highest slot I've yet occupied (I can promise you I'm almost as excited by this as I would be reaching the finals of Bake Off). 

I'd just like to take this opportunity to say thank you so, so much to all of you that have pledged so far. There are 172 of you now, which is a goodly number, and each and every pledge, big or small, means just as much as every other. When I'm feeling low or overwhelmed, and that the task is just impossible, I flick through the names on my supporters' page. Seeing you all up there never fails to haul me out of whatever pit I've sunk into. I just think wow, all these amazing people have backed me, and have faith in me - I can't let them down and give up now. And then on I trundle.

So if you've been following my progress but haven't pledged yet, could you please consider doing so now? With all these wonderful people behind Midland and 50% of the cash we need in the bank, this is clearly going to happen - and there's still time for you to get your name listed in the supporters page, both on the website and in the finished book. Even a £10 ebook pledge counts for a lot, gets you listed, and helps keep the ball rolling. No pledge is too small!

And whether or not you've pledged, are planning too, or can't afford to or just plain don't want to, could you please all share the project as widely as you can - on social media, via email or however. The more people who know about it, the quicker its done. And the sooner it's done, the sooner we get to 100%, the sooner the book will be in your hands. So everybody wins. (My contribution is to up my Christmas target from 50% to 60% - just to make sure I don't slack off now.)

Thanks everyone. If we can do one half we can surely do the other half, and I'm starting to believe for the first time in a long time that this is book is actually going to get funded. 


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