Memory Songs

By James Cook

A personal journey into the music that shaped the 90s

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

101% Get It On

Dear supporters, just wanted to say a huge thank you to you all for getting Memory Songs over the finish line. It's now 101% funded. I'll be posting here with updates on the progress of the book, and when you can expect to hold a finished copy in your hand. In the meantime, in way of celebration, here's Marc Bolan in a wide-lapelled pink satin blazer and a Mickey Mouse T-shirt singing 'Get It On'.

Bang a gong.

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Andrea Woodrow-Bennett
 Andrea Woodrow-Bennett says:

Lovely! Congratulations - and let us know when the pub crawl is (or did I imagine that bit?) x

posted 28th February 2017

Ania Buhorah
 Ania Buhorah says:

Congratulations! Looking forward to reading the book finally James!

posted 28th February 2017

Ingrid Koehler
 Ingrid Koehler says:


posted 2nd March 2017

James Cook
 James Cook says:

Thank you Ania and Ingrid! And thank you Andrea - the pub crawl will hopefully be this summer or directly after publication, will update on which! Quite a few people going now, might need a minibus . . .

posted 7th March 2017

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