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Friday, 13 April 2018

Almost there


so it looks like the book is at the presses and out as soon as they have finished copies of the special edition. not having done a book with unbound before i'm not entirely sure when supporters books arrive, but i've been told they should be on their way soon.

i just wanted to say a final sincere thank you again for your investment in the book and your patience whilst i wrote the thing. i've made a lot of records over the years but there feels something entirely different about holding a book you've written in your hand. maybe it's the fact a book doesn't require much, a little light to read it by and not too many distractions. i love music for its invisibleness, its impossibility to be nailed to a spot (or burned for that matter) but i'm proud to finally have something in print that is a manifestation of many years of thinking and a couple of years of typing.

i hope you find something of interest in it and i'll always be so grateful for your support in making it happen. 



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John Griffiths
 John Griffiths says:

just to say well done. I gather there have been issues at the printers. But at least I have been able to get started with the digital version of the book. It's such a great concept. I will do my best to plug the book on various forums where digital musicians gather. I think it would be fun to see if you could have a sample variation where a musician could volunteer to create a paragraph from the book which other musicians could then sample and loop. Less pressure than trying to take on a chapter or the whole thing. What do you think? I hang out with Maschine users who use Native Instruments software as well as using Ableton Live.

posted 13th April 2018

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