Material Remains

By Richard W H Bray

A small world fractured in the wake of an untimely death

Monday, 17 August 2015

new beginnings

There's a balance to strike between nurturing and tending to something already written and venturing forth and starting something new. For a long time, In Cathedral's Shadow was the only thing I'd let myself work on - all other projects were shelved or put on hold. It was only when I started on Salt & Old Vines that I realised it didn't have to be that way. That sometimes you need step back from edits and rewrites and go back to filling blank pages with stories that haven't been read or seen before. Stories that grow as you write them. Some writers fear blank pages. They see it as staring into the void. I love that kind of writing. I feel more than anything the rush of filling that void; making something out of nothing. This new novel is the first work of fiction I've put to paper (screen) since In Cathedral's Shadow, which I started writing in the autumn of 2005. 

So I'm excited. I'm excited about this new thing, but also energised again by what I've written before. I'm reminded of the days I spent in my old attic bashing away at the keyboard, supping endless cups of tea as the story slowly but surely came together. Of New Year's Eve 2006, and finally finishing the first draft just before popping some bubbly and welcoming 2007. And I'm excited about getting In Cathedral's Shadow funded, finally, seeing it typeset, and getting it into the hands of the folks who've supported it from the very beginning.

So thank you. You're all a part of this. So please keep spreading the word, and I'll keep writing.  

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