Material Remains

By Richard W H Bray

A small world fractured in the wake of an untimely death

Monday, 8 February 2016

Head in the clouds

In Cathedral's Shadow takes place as the nights are getting longer. In the dark ages. Well, there's a flip side to that. Remarkable summer nights that never seem to end. The sun lurks just beneath the northern horizon and casts a warm glow for the few hours it can't be seen. Sometimes, on a clear-ish night, cirrus clouds climb high into the upper atmsophere, so high that they can still see the sun. They capture its light and in the middle of the night those soaring ice crystals shine as though it were day. 

They're called noctilucent clouds. I took the below photo at 2am one morning in July in 2011, looking north over St Andrews Bay to the Angus Coast. It's a magical town. 

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