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Sunday, 18 February 2018

Have you ever wondered about the past history of your street, your area? Who lived here, what they did, or what it was like 200 years ago?

This is a modern-day picture of Penns Lane near Erdington. 200 years ago, it was a narrow country lane with dense trees either side, and a scatter of cottages. To the west stood a wire-rolling factory: a very small enterprise then, but one which would eventually have a huge role to play in laying telegraphic cables across the Atlantic. To the east, came a junction with another lane leading into the village of Erdington. All around, the landscape was a patchwork of quiet fields. Nothing of any note had happened here in all its history - nothing that had made national headlines at least. Nothing that became an enormous scandal.

But all that was about to change in May 1817. Why ? What could possibly have happened here that was about to divide the community and make their names notorious?

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