Mary Ann Sate, Imbecile

By Alice Jolly

Friday, 30 October 2020

Mary Ann Sate audio book at Stroud Book Festival

Dear All, 

Just to let you know that Red Dog Theatre Company in Stroud are in the process of making an audio book out of Mary Ann Sate. You can hear some of this work at Stroud Book Festival. This year the Book Festival is all online and it is free. You just get onto the website below and sign up for the You Tube channel. A short section of the book will be available every evening starting at the time of the Festival launch (4 November at 20.00) and continuing for four nights. You don't have to listen at the exact time. Everything will be availalbe for 7 days. Do tune in and listen. Mary Ann was always a book to be heard rather than read. I also have some more exciting news coming ..... 


Best wishes,



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Mark Vent
 Mark Vent says:

wow! I can't wait to hear it!

posted 30th October 2020 Edmonds Edmonds says:

very much looking forward to this. Is it because I live here in the Stroud Valleys or I know Alice but frankly 'Mary Ann Sate' was one of the best books I have read ... ever!! When it arrived on my doormat and I'd opened to the first page my heart sank ... its all in verse !! What do I know about poetry. Is this going to be like trawling through a load of Shakespeare (no offence) ? But I couldn't put it down ... it's the rhythm that carries you forward, each stanza breathing in its own space, plus the back and forth in time, a drama riding on the waves, maybe more like the blustery winds we get here in the valleys) but so much history and sense of character and of place. so yeh cant wait to hear Mary Ann come alive on the radio ;)

posted 30th October 2020

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