Married To A Cave Man

By Damien Owens

Married to a Cave Man is a heartfelt comic novel about the various contracts of modern marriage, the chaotic effects of parenthood, and the ways in which men and women are fundamentally similar, yet frighteningly different.

Thursday, 6 April 2017


Hello everyone,

Married to a Cave Man is 75% funded. My wife, who has some book-learnin', tells me that this is more than half. WAY more. She tried to explain how much more but she lost me. I did what I always do when talk turns to numbers - I faked a seizure to get out of the conversation. Anyway: huge thanks to everyone who has pledged support.

If you know anyone who might be interested in the book - a friend, a colleague, a stranger minding their own business on the bus - please badger them until they can take no more and agree to pledge. That's what I've been doing and look, it's got me to 75%, which is almost half, or whatever my wife said.

I know it's a pain but think how happy we* will be when we get this thing over the line! We** can do it!

With thanks,


* I

** you



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