Married To A Cave Man

By Damien Owens

Married to a Cave Man is a heartfelt comic novel about the various contracts of modern marriage, the chaotic effects of parenthood, and the ways in which men and women are fundamentally similar, yet frighteningly different.

Thursday, 25 January 2018


Hi everyone,

Married to a Cave Man has been available to buy for a couple of weeks but copies hadn't been issued to patrons, so I didn't consider the thing done and dusted. There were gremlins at the printers, alas, and they proved elusive. Anyway: I'm happy to report that said gremlins have now been rounded up and shot. Patron copies started arriving today. Done. Dusted.

I really hope you like the book. If you do, would you consider leaving a review on Goodreads? It helps a lot. Here's a link

Thank you once again for your support. It really meant a lot to me.

See you around,



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