Update 2

Wednesday, 21 March 2018


As I said in my first update please do let me know if you find the updates annoying and I’ll put out less of them. 

I thought I’d share some of the press and interviews I’ve done for the book so far  

Firstly the comedian Tiernan Douieb has me on his excellent podcast The Partly Political Broadcast. The first part of the interview can be heard in this episode:

Episode 94 - From Russia With Nerve


And part 2 can be found in this bonus episode:

Episode 94a - Bonus Dave Pickering


You can find the Partly Political Broadcast in any place that podcasts gather together, such as Apple Podcasts, if streaming from those links doesn’t work for you.

The last question Tiernan asked me was about recommendations for people who say important things about masculinity/gender. I made this Twitter thread of people and articles that I suggested.

I gave an interview for this Guardian piece which linked prominently to the campaign:

Men after #MeToo: ‘There’s a narrative that masculinity is fundamentally toxic'


(Incidentally I wouldn’t summarise my position as not believing in gender, but as not believing in the gender binary.)

And finally The Canary gave the book this shout out: 

A new book looks at toxic masculinity and asks how we can all escape it


Thank you to everyone who has supported the book and shared the page so far. I’m so grateful for your support. I really believe in this project and it’s great to see others believe in it too. 


You can help make this book happen. Please share it, and encourage your followers to share it, too.

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