By Justin David and Nathan Evans

An anthology of stories from the edges by independent publisher Inkandescent

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Mainstream brings thirty authors in from the margins to occupy centre-page. Queer storytellers. Working class wordsmiths. Chroniclers of colour. Writers whose life experiences give unique perspectives on universal challenges, whose voices must be heard. And read.

The collection places emerging writers alongside some of our favourite established authors. Contributors are Aisha Phoenix, Alex Hopkins, Chris Simpson, DJ Connell, Elizabeth Baines, Gaylene Gould, Giselle Leeb, Golnoosh Nour, Hedy Hume, Iqbal Hussain, Jonathan Kemp, Julia Bell, Juliet Jacques, Justin David, Kathy Hoyle, Keith Jarrett, Kerry Hudson, Kit de Waal, Lisa Goldman, Lui Sit, Nathan Evans, Neil Bartlett, Neil Lawrence, Neil McKenna, Ollie Charles, Padrika Tarrant, Paul McVeigh, Philip Ridley, Polis Loizou.

Their stories of adolescent awakening, geriatric rebellion, leaping from edges, swimming against tides, sourest vengeance and sweetest deviance are moving, thought-provoking and entertaining, collectively creating an anthology utterly unique in its diversity.

This is our most ambitious project yet and we need your help to make it. When we raise 100% of our budget, we can pay our contributors and cover print costs. If we raise 200%, we can also pay our team of designers, editors, readers, copywriters, content creators working tirelessly behind the presses. And (hopefully) throw a big-splash launch party.

In these problematic times, the arts are suffering. It’s not a level playground. Often, only the voices of a privileged minority are heard and those of ‘minority’ groups are not given the amplification they deserve. We believe it’s crucial that everyone’s contribution is valued. That’s why this call-to-arms collection is so right for right now.

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About Inkandescent

Inkandescent were founded in 2016 by Justin David and Nathan Evans to champion voices underrepresented in mainstream publishing. Their first publication Threads was funded by Arts Council England and long-listed for the Polari First Book Prize—of which their second, AutoFellatio by James Maker, was inaugural winner. Other books include The Pale Ones by Bartholomew Bennett described by The Guardian as an ‘impressive debut’. In 2021 they worked with Unbound to publish Mainstream, an anthology of stories featuring writers including Kit de Waal, Kerry Hudson and Paul McVeigh and Address Book by Neil Bartlett, an Observer Book of the Year.