Made Possible

By Saba Salman

Essays on success, by high-achieving people with learning disabilities.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Made Possible: summer update

Marvellous Made Possible makers – hello!

It’s been a while since the last update as I’ve been visiting people and places for research, and meeting more of the book's contributors.  

First, a quick but important note of gratitude to those of you who've just recently pre-ordered the book. The word “success” is rarely associated with the 1.5 million people in the UK who have a learning disability – your support for Made Possible will help rectify that. If you've recently pledged, your name will be among the first few listed here, thank you!


For those who’ve asked about a publication date, progress will be posted here  (see under “Pledge” - currently my status is "writing in progress"!). For now, I'd add that the research, writing and editing will take up most of this year. As a result, I’m not working on as many articles as usual, but I did recently cover this incredible show led by learning disabled artists:




Access All Areas' performance of Madhouse re:exit looks at attitudes to learning disabled people, and some of the restrictions placed on people by society and the care system. Actor Dayo Koleosho told me his reasons for doing the show - his comment on what he hopes audiences will get from the performance echoes the motivation for Made Possible: “I hope I can get them to think a bit differently, and then to help make things happen a bit differently.”

Thanks again for your continued interest and support...on with the book, meantime you can find me on TwitterLinkedInFacebook or Instagram or the hashtag #MadePossible




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