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Sunday, 22 October 2017

Hello everyone,

As you know, Made Possible hit 100% crowdfunding a few days ago - a milestone marked by the Guardian running this article on the book:


In the Guardian piece, which some of you have shared (thanks - do continue!), I explain that at the heart of Made Possible lies the need to transform attitudes so that learning disabled people are no longer "regarded as somehow devoid of the individual qualities, hopes, dreams and quirks that make us all human":

It is a book about equality and inclusion, with a clear, simple argument at its core – a person with a learning disability is a person first. 

Again, many thanks to all of you backing the book. This isn't a platitutde - it's pure fact. This book wouldn't be a reality without its patrons. And if you know someone who's interested but who hasn't yet joined the Made Possible campaign, they can still pre-order the book and get their names printed in the back. 

As I move from crowdfunding the book to creating it - researching, writing and editing - I won't be writing quite so many updates, but rest assured you can stave off any withdrawal systems by finding me on TwitterFacebook or LinkedIn ;) 

So  - Made Possible is underway. And to borrow from the Unbound status update:


Thanks all!


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