Made Possible

By Saba Salman

Essays on success, by high-achieving people with learning disabilities.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Made Possible is very nearly being made possible

Hello all, 

I'm delighted to say that we are just a few tiny steps away from hitting the 100% crowdfunding target for Made Possible - just 4% left to go as I write this!

Thanks so much if you've recently joined the campaign to get this book made - you're among almost 200 people and organisations helping to create Made Possible. Patrons include self-advocates, campaigners, care providers, family members as well as those keen on equality and human rights issues, or those who simply want to read some fascinating life stories. The book features a host of successful people - in their own words - and is also partly inspired by my sister (pictured below), who has the learning disability fragile x syndrome. 


I've enjoyed hearing from existing and new supporters over the last few days, and I'm reallly grateful to everyone who's been shouting on social media about Made Possible hitting - and then surpassing - the 90% landmark. Your cheerleading encourages others to get involved and helps make sure the book happens. If we're not linked up, please do find me on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or on email (and this especially goes for any engimatic folk I've been unable to reach so far - if you'd like to be reached!).

Here's to the coming week and to Made Possible drawing more supporters and hitting the 100% target so this vital collection of essays becomes a reality.

Thanks everyone,



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