Made Possible

By Saba Salman

Essays on success, by high-achieving people with learning disabilities.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Made Possible: exciting, forthright, hard-hitting, surprising - and entertaining

Hi all,

I thought I'd update you about #MadePossible - partly because today, 8 March, is International Women's Day. This year's theme, Press for Progress, is all about advocacy, activism and support in the context of campaigning and equality.

Advocacy, activism, equality, campaigning are among the issues at the heart of Made Possible, a book in which high achieving people with learning disabilities - including some very strident women, of course - describe their success. It's early in the editorial process, but the words and ideas that the first few essay contributors have shared with me in recent few weeks are exciting, forthright, hard-hitting, surprising - and hugely entertaining.

Thanks to all who've just recently pre-ordered and shared the updates - we wouldn't be creating Made Possible without its supporters (I know I go on about this.. but it's true and it's what's unique about how this book is being published). The latest supporters are at the top of this screenshot and a full list of patrons is on the website:


Since my last update, the magazine Care Talk has run this piece, where I explain what drives the book:



Some of the themes in Made Possible were also in mind when I wrote a recent Guardian article about what makes cities accessible for people with disabilities. This innovative housing development in Sonoma, California, for example, is among the forward-thinking projects that enable people to live more successful, independent lives:




One interviewee in Denmark described the inclusive design that's the hallmark of his hotel and leisure social enterprise, where accessibility is "felt and not seen". He told me: "We wanted to create a place where there is space for differences.” 

Hard to argue with that. 

Until next time,

Ps: if you want to connect, you can find me on TwitterLinkedInFacebook or Instagram or the hashtag #MadePossible



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