Made Possible

By Saba Salman

Essays on success, by high-achieving people with learning disabilities.

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Made Possible at the 90% landmark

Hello everyone - and wow, look what happened just a few days ago:


Made Possible reached the 90% funding milestone on 7 October - this is absolutely fantastic, as the campaign to create this unique athology only launched on 6 September!  

The fact that this relatively new crowdfunding campaign only has 10% left to fund is down to almost 170 supportive people and organisations. Made Possible's cheerleaders are so far not only backing this collection of essays, but sharing their decisions to pledge and actively encouraging others to join in and make the book happen - thank you. It's a project, as one backer wrote, "worth address misconceptions", while another described Made Possible as "a new book to challenge current narratives".

I'm also grateful to everyone who's got in touch directly this week, your enthusiasm for this project is palpable, very welcome and propelling Made Possible towards publication.

By coincidence, I heard this week that a play inspired by and starring an actor with Down's syndrome is being revived for performance in Bristol next month. I wrote about the groundbreaking production, Up Down Man, for the Guardian last year. Back then, I asked the director what approach was important when working with learning disabled actors, so more performers could develop their skills and talents. Her answer still resonates - and reflects the ethos of Made Possible: “You just need the right conditions to flourish.”  

If anyone (or anyone you know) is unsure whether or not to get involved with helping create this book, then now is the time to join Made Possible's supporters list as we grow towards 100% crowdfunding. 

Also, if we're not already connected but you'd like to be, please do link up on Twitter, LinkedIn, FacebookInstagram or via email. You can also look up #MadePossible on social media.

Thanks again to everyone who's helping to make sure that Made Possible gets made. Looking forward to seeing what the next week brings.



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