Made Possible

By Saba Salman

Essays on success, by high-achieving people with learning disabilities.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Almost midway with Made Possible

Hello everyone,

Just 11 days since launch and Made Possible is already more than 40% crowdfunded - that's down to almost 100 brilliantly supportive people so far helping to create this groundbreaking book by pledging and pre-ordering it.

It's incredible that Made Possible is almost half way to being published, and this is entirely down to a group of diverse individuals united by a common cause.

So many of you are also spurring things on by encouraging others to get involved - Made Possible is all about spreading the word about what many of us already know (that there's more to people with learning disabilities than the lazy stereotypes). So thank you to everyone who's sharing the link and shouting about #MadePossible on social media - please do carry on!

While I'm not one for superlatives, some of the descriptions already being shared about what we're doing here are really quite accurate: "excellent", "amazing", "worthwhile", "cracking" (I like that one). I've also been told: "there's no other book like it" (true!), "can't wait to read it" (me neither!), and "a powerful tool for challenging entrenched beliefs" (absolutely!).

And this pragmatic, slightly tongue-in-cheek comment made me smile, explaining why one supporter decided to get involved: "It's selfish on my part because I really want to read it."  Superb.

Thank you - and more soon,


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Angie Carter
 Angie Carter says:

Can we have a Linked in share button - there's loads of people with an interest in Personalisation there too?

posted 18th September 2017

Saba Salman
 Saba Salman says:

Angie thank you so much for your support - I'll pass on this great idea, thanks again for getting involved and taking time to comment here too.

posted 18th September 2017

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