Made Possible

By Saba Salman

Essays on success, by high-achieving people with learning disabilities.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

100% funded! Made Possible is being made possible!

Well this was a great way to kick off the morning:

The only reason this book is happening is because of its supporters - so a HUGE thank you to each and every single patron who has helped to make sure this book gets out there.

To quote some of your fantastic messages and social media comments this morning, "woo hoo", "yayy", "brilliant", "so pleased", "hooray", "WOW!!!!".

You took the words right out from under my fingertips ;)

What's amazing is that the campaign for this groundbreaking collection of essays launched just six weeks ago today. The swift pace of funding is astonishing, as is the level of enthusiasm for this book and the way so many of you are helping encourage others to get involved and make sure it gets made. All of this strongly reflects just how much we need a book like Made Possible. 

So, as Made Possible's page on the Unbound website says, "writing in progress" - I can't wait to start get going! If you've signed up as a supporter, you'll get updates on the book's publishing journey. And if you know someone who's interested but not yet joined the Made Possible campaign, they can still pre-order the book and get their names printed in the back. 

As I explained six weeks, ago, Made Possible needs to be published because we never hear people with a learning disability talk about their talent, or share the secret of their success. The 1.5m people with learning disabilities in the UK are usually talked about as scroungers or superhumans. They are pitied or patronsised, instead of being heard from in their own words. 

You are all helping to publish something that challenges these shoddy current narratives. 

As much as I'm ambivalent about labels, one of the tags for this book is "human rights"; Made Possible is about our fellow humans, and what we can get right with, for and alongside them. More than that, it is a book for anyone and everyone interested in people and stories.

And finally, for those interested and asking about my sister's reaction to the book that is partly inspired by her, she had just one, characteristically accurate, straightforward, truthful word: "Good." 

Thank you all - and now onto the "writing in progress". Good indeed.


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