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Reasons My Cat Is Mad

By Heloísa Nora

From the creator of Poorly Drawn Cats comes a guide to understanding the mind of your feline friend

Humour | Illustrated
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Publication date: October 2020

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Three years ago, the Brazilian illustrator and law student Heloísa Nora picked up her pen and drew her first feline after seeing a funny picture of a cat with a piece of bread on its head. Since then, she has sketched hundreds of illustrations for cat lovers all over the world, which she tweets via the popular Poorly Drawn Cats account. Now, she’s giving her pets a forever home in her book Reasons My Cat Is Mad...


Meet the creator of Poorly Drawn Cats

Hi! My name is Heloísa Nora and I’m the illustrator behind Poorly Drawn Cats. I was born in a small town in the south of Brazil. I've always loved cats, ever since I was a tiny me. I remember that my favourite toy -- a cat obviously -- would always be around me, normally being led by a leash made of shoelaces. I would draw constantly, too, and everywhere (including the walls, I'm so sorry mom).

But it wasn't until I was much older, when I moved to university in Curitiba a couple of years ago, that I began to draw my cats again. I took it up because , when I left home, it felt weird to suddenly be without my family and without my mother’s cat Pandora by my side. It was comforting to me. One night, I was drawing and I saw an image of a cat with a bread on its head. I thought “well, why not drawn him too”. I sketched a poorly drawn version of that image and I liked it. Cats have such particular emotions and strange poses!

I thought I’d share my beautiful cat-on-a-bread drawing with the world, so I created a Twitter account and Poorly Drawn Cats began its life. I never could have imagined it would become as big as it has.

The bread cat; made me, let's say...internet famous? Afterwards, people began asking me to draw their cats by the dozen -- some of them even got my drawings tattooed onto their bodies. It was insane! I've now drawn more than 800 illustrations for other people. I love that I can make people happy with my simple drawings.

These days, I study Law at Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná. I live with my boyfriend and he always supports me, as does my family. And my mom regularly sends me pictures of Pandora’s pictures so I can draw them.

I love my poorly drawn cats and I’m so grateful to everyone who follows the account. Now, I’ve decided to use my illustrations for a book: Reasons My Cat is Mad, which will chronicle all of the strange and wonderful ways in which cats show us exactly what they want. Because they always manage to do that so very well.

I hope this book will bring you the same happiness my account does!

And I need your help

I’m crowdfunding Reasons My Cat Is Mad, which means that we need to raise enough money before we can go ahead and make the book.

If you like the idea for the book, you can support the campaign by pledging for one of the levels down the right hand side, over there. You can even support it by pledging to have your cat appear in the book! You can also support the book by spreading the word online to anyone you think might like it.

Pledge for any of the levels and if the campaign is successful, you will receive your very own limited-edition, hardback copy of the book with your name (or your cat’s name) in the back among the list of patrons.


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    Heloísa Nora is the illustrator behind Poorly Drawn Cats.

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  • Megan MacLennan
    Megan MacLennan asked:

    If I did the Hall or Fame tier, could I add more to my pledge and get a second cat added?

    Heloísa Nora
    Heloísa Nora replied:

    Yup! We'll add an option so you can include your catto this week!

    Gabriel Garcia
    Gabriel Garcia asked:

    Is there a rough estimate on when this book will come out? I want to get it as a gift but I'm trying to see when it will be done. I also want to be put in the hall of fame and I'm curious on the cutoff for that. Thanks :)

    Heloísa Nora
    Heloísa Nora replied:

    Hello, Gabriel! It'll come out until March for sure! There's still not a date, but I'll be sharing it with you until the end of this month!

    Gabriel Garcia
    Gabriel Garcia asked:

    When will I send the picture of the cat to be drawn for the hall of fame perk?

    Heloísa Nora
    Heloísa Nora replied:

    Hey, Gabriel! They'll be asking for them this week!

    James Merriman
    James Merriman asked:

    If I was to do hall of Fram tier, how much more would it be to get a second cat drawing added?

    Heloísa Nora
    Heloísa Nora replied:

    Hey, James! Please send me an e-mail along with the picture so I can talk to you about this!

    Noorfakheerah Latip
    Noorfakheerah Latip asked:

    Hey Nora! May I ask what's the current progress of this book (3rd March 2020)? Is there an estimate on how many pages it would be or is it still undetermined as of now? If I decided to buy the book after the campaign instead of pledging, will it be available in the future? Will the cost of the book be different then? When is the last day to pledge for this book?

    Heloísa Nora
    Heloísa Nora replied:

    Hello, there! I'm already finishing the drawing process! Now, the editors are helping me with the details. The book will surely be available! I'm not sure about the cost of it, but I'll ask about it! You can pledge until we finish editing the book, I'll keep you updated!

    Madi Wiggins
    Madi Wiggins asked:

    I’d like to get my cat drawn. I missed the hall of fame tier window, is there another way I can commission a drawing?

    Heloísa Nora
    Heloísa Nora replied:

    Hello, Madi! I open commissions from time to time on my twitter account. I opened it a few months ago and it’ll probably take some time for me to do it again. Remember to follow me on @poorlycatdraw!