The Secret History of Mac Gaming

By Richard Moss

The untold story of a creative, innovative, fiercely-independent gaming scene that was serially ignored by the outside world

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Official public launch March 22; here's how you can help

It's now time for us to enter the next phase: public launch. On March 22, The Secret History of Mac Gaming trade hardbacks will be officially available in the UK and online. This is how they look on the outside:

You've probably noticed the lack of blue page edges. The other differences are a lower-quality paper stock and binding, and also a slightly yellower cover. Oh, and the Macintosh screen on the cover has a glossy coating on it. The page count is identical, as is the actual content. For anyone unaware, "trade edition" is just publishing lingo for books printed for general availability.

In preparation for the launch, I've created a dedicated website for the book. It's still a work in progress, but you can find it at I took someone's Mac OS 8 Tumblr theme and customised it a bunch, so I think some of you will get a kick out of seeing it. The website has general info on the book, photos of the trade edition, and links to buy it on Amazon UK (and soon others). I later plan to add links to press and user reviews and some of the unused material, which I'll also share here.

I would be hugely grateful if you could help with the launch in one or more of the following ways:

  • Tell people who are interested in the book that they can get more information here or on the book's new website, and that they can buy hardback copies on Amazon UK (and probably many other UK-based book retailers, as well, perhaps, as some elsewhere in the world). Note that Amazon UK ships worldwide. If Book Depository gets some copies, they'll be a good bet too — they have free shipping to a lot of countries.
  • Leave a review on Amazon UK, which is at this very moment the only Amazon store listing hardbacks; we're hoping to get the hardback on Amazon US soon, but for now that's carrying ebook only (feel free to leave reviews there instead/as well)
  • Leave a review and rating on Goodreads (on a related note, I've applied for an author account there and will be able to interact with readers directly once that's approved; also, I have nothing to do with Richard Moss the spiritual guru or his many books)
  • Keep sharing photos and impressions of your special editions on social media

PS. It's been such a delight to see all the tweets from people receiving, browsing through, reading, or lusting after the book over the past few weeks. Especially the ones from people excited to share the book with loved ones or to rekindle their affections for something in the classic Mac world. 

The value of games is not only in how they entertain and/or teach us; it's in the memories they plant and the bonds they strengthen, with each other, with ourselves, and with the objects that bind us to our past. Please do keep tagging me, @MossRC, if you have photos, impressions, critiques, stories, or memories to share. I'm also on most of the vintage Mac Facebook groups, and I've been keeping an eye out for posts on those as well.

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John-Robert La Porta
 John-Robert La Porta says:

Wow, I didn't realize our purple-edged books were so special! I have at least one, maybe two friends who will be interested in it as well. There are a few photos i'd love to share with you; however, I do not have Twitter nor Facebook. How else can we send these things in to show around?

posted 14th March 2018

Bonnie Fiddis
 Bonnie Fiddis says:

I came to late to the campaign to get a physical copy (unless I bought the triple pack) so I only have the ebook. Makes me wish I knew about it earlier to grab the better version of the book. I may still get a trade copy though.

posted 14th March 2018

Richard Moss
 Richard Moss says:

I'm also keeping tabs on Instagram. I have an account on there (@lifeandtimesvg) for one of my podcasts.

Besides that, if anyone wants to share photos or anything else, there's always email. (To reiterate for the newcomers, my email is rich.c.moss at gmail.) If you'd like your photos or stories shared more broadly (i.e., on Twitter or a page on the book's website), I can do that on your behalf, or if you only want me to see them then that's great too.

posted 14th March 2018

Michael Goodine
 Michael Goodine says:

Hey, my copy just arrived. It is a beautiful looking book. The first couple of chapters were excellent. Well done, Mossy!

posted 15th March 2018

Richard Moss
 Richard Moss says:

Thanks Michael! Glad you're enjoying it so far.

posted 15th March 2018

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