The Secret History of Mac Gaming

By Richard Moss

The untold story of a creative, innovative, fiercely-independent gaming scene that was serially ignored by the outside world

Thursday, 21 July 2016

New reward levels...and WE MADE IT!

We have a new reward available — an art print by John Calhoun. Specifically, it's a line drawing he did as the basis for the Glider Pro title screen. Here's what he had to say about it:

"At that time, I would draw the artwork with pencil and paper (in this case a large 16” x 20” or so art pad). Then I would ink it in, then scan it B&W. This is the scan. Using the Studio-8 paint program I would then add the color and clean up the scan."

And here's a lo-res sample of the image:

It's available for £75/$100/€90 — same as the other print. There's supposed to be a reward tier that lets you get both prints, but as I write this that's not up yet. We're also going to add a reward that allows you to pledge for three hardback copies, since that's been requested by a couple of people.

If you'd like to switch your pledge from the Freeverse print to the John Calhoun one, I think you'll need to email Unbound's support team. Since it's the same price they should be able to switch you over. If you'd like to change your pledge amount to go up or down a reward level, I'm sorry to say last I heard there's a bit of a process. Contact Unbound for more information.

Now that those business matters are attented to, let's get to the real heart of the matter. We made it!

My make it or break it update from a few days ago clearly worked, because we've managed to raise the entire second half of the target — and then some — since then. Thank you so much to all of you for your help across this whole wild adventure, and especially to those of you who contributed to the great push to the finish. The book got a shout out on the mega-influential Daring Fireball blog, and on Leo Laporte's MacBreak Weekly (jump to 2 hours and 12 minutes to see the segment). And also from lots of big names on social media. Ric Molina also did a quick email Q&A with me for Mac Gamer HQ, which you may enjoy reading.

Here's the graph of funding progress, from 0 to 102%. The spike in the middle was when the book hit the front page of Hacker News:

The planned funding period was 90 days from the 26th of April, which would take us to early next week. So that's an amazing finish. I'm not sure how much longer the rewards will stay open, so if you wanted an art print or your name in the book (or perhaps even the custom gift box) make your pledge soon. When the rewards do eventually close, you'll still be able to order copies of the book itself.

The horrible anxiety and nervous uncertainty of this journey notwithstanding, it seems fitting that a book about the history of an underdog culture went through such an underdog-like last-minute burst to success. In honour of the moment, I thought we should celebrate with a song that fits this theme. (Come on, you know you want to click that link.)

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Matt Lee
 Matt Lee says:

Hooray! Congrats!

posted 21st July 2016

José Luis Sánchez Penas
 José Luis Sánchez Penas says:

Grrrreat congrats from Spain!

I love games and I will love the book when arrives to my home.

Now, text and images carefully selected and well printed.

posted 22nd July 2016

Miguel Chavez
 Miguel Chavez says:


posted 26th July 2016

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