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Friday, 17 June 2016

Mark your calendar: Escape Velocity livestream with Matt Burch June 23rd 8pm Pacific

I'll be playing Ambrosia Software classic Escape Velocity with its creator Matt Burch live on next week, on Thursday the 23rd of June at 8pm Pacific. That's 11pm for US east coasters, 1pm Friday here in Melbourne, and 4am in the UK (sorry). If you can't make it, you'll be able to watch a replay afterwards. But if you can then you'll be able to ask questions in the chat for us to answer (and help me navigate the game after having not played in years).

Here's the link:

I hope you can all join us. It'll be fun.

(There's a test video on there now wherein I was trying to sort out all the technical issues and check that it all works right. I think I figured out the problem with my mic audio shortly after we finished. There's not much in the way of meaningful discussion. Watch it only if you're really keen for a nostalgia trip.)

If you're not familiar with Escape Velocity, it was a 2D space trading, combat, and exploration game first released in 1996. It was a big hit on the Mac for its humour and the huge amount of freedom it afforded players — you could be a pirate, a mercenary, a trader, a rogue, a government agent, a miner, a spy, or some combination of these. It was a brilliant game that still holds up today, so I'm sure it'll be fun to rediscover what made it special.

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