The Secret History of Mac Gaming

By Richard Moss

The untold story of a creative, innovative, fiercely-independent gaming scene that was serially ignored by the outside world

Monday, 2 May 2016

Art print preview & early press coverage

Thank you everybody for your support so far. As I write this we're a little shy of 21% funded at six days in, so it's off to a fantastic start.

I have a low-resolution version of Steve Tze's art print to share with you. I hope this'll entice a few of you to repledge/increase your pledge (I'm not actually sure how that process works, so check with Unbound support if you need help). You may share this image when telling people about the campaign.

If you were wondering about the VIP tour reward, you might like to check out Kill Screen's article about The MADE. If you pick up one of those VIP tours, of course, you'll be getting a much deeper walkthrough. But the article may help whet your appetite.

Press/blog coverage

We've been covered in several places so far.

  • The one I most want everyone to read is this MacNN interview/news piece by Amber Neely about why I'm writing the book and who I'm targeting (spoiler: everyone — Mac people, non-Mac tech and games people, the tech-illiterate, etc. I want the book to be readable and interesting to anyone, no matter their pre-existing knowledge or expertise.)
  • If you read just two things related to the book, make Miguel Arroz's short Facebook post the other one. He totally gets it, and I think he does a fine job explaining why this book matters.
  • I also liked this 8-Bit Central write-up on the book.
  • MacRumors writer Mitchel Broussard wrote about the book just a day into the campaign.
  • Rob Beschizza did a nice little write-up on Boing Boing, too.
  • Phil Salvador runs a great blog on obscure games, which some of you will probably enjoy. He wrote a good call to arms to pledge to the campaign.
  • The book also got a shout-out on Aspyr's GameAgent blog and newsletter.
  • I also spotted a Tumblr post, an Italian-language article, and a bunch of stuff on forums, Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook that I won't bore you with.
  • Ausretrogamer gave me a nod earlier today. I also did an interview with the RetroMacCast podcast, which I'll link to when it goes live.

Please keep sharing it everywhere and anywhere you can think of.

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