love lay down beside me and we wept

By Helen Murray Taylor

A rare and lyrical memoir about the author's time in a psychiatric ward and her road to recovery

Tuesday, 2 August 2022

The first thirty percent

What an unbelievable start to this campaign. Week one and we are 30% funded already. I've been madly sending messages of thanks to those of you I know personally, but I decided I had to do this update quickly because there are lots of you that I don't have links to, either personally or on social media, and I absolutely have to say a massive thank you to everyone for supporting me and for doing it so early on in the campaign.

It's been an amazing start, even if I have spent half of the week trying (and failing) not to cry. I've had loads of lovely messages that have really touched me. It's been an extremely intense and emotional few days.

But I've got a grip of myself (at least for today) and the campaign continues. I'll do my best to keep the momentum going.

In my future updates, I'll talk more about the book itself, about how we came up with the gorgeous (temporary) cover, about the special handbound editions that will be made by my wonderful friend, artist and bookbinder Monique Wass, and there will be exclusive extracts for supporters. But for now, I just wanted to send my thanks.

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Luciana Miranda
 Luciana Miranda says:

Thank you for your lovely message, Helen. I’m looking forward to reading your book!
Best regards, Luciana

posted 3rd August 2022

Helen Taylor
 Helen Taylor says:

Thank you, Luciana, both for supporting the book and for taking the time to message.
Have a lovely day, H x

posted 3rd August 2022

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