love lay down beside me and we wept

By Helen Murray Taylor

A rare and lyrical memoir about the author's time in a psychiatric ward and her road to recovery

Tuesday, 28 February 2023

Ferguson House: a reading

Hi folks,

My video masterpiece is ready. A short extract from the middle of love lay down beside me and we wept, as read by me. I am clearly a natural infront of the camera. My Oscar nomination will not be long in coming, of that I am convinced.

Perhaps the critique, if it were to be picky, might make some comment on sticking to the script (belief, not believe, Helen) and not recording in the garden when the magpies and the cats are fighting. Lessons learned for the next time. If there is a next time.

Meanwhile, please feel free to share this one with anyone who might be interested. Or anyone full stop.

Thank you!

H xx

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Helle Patterson
 Helle Patterson says:

It’ll be Jodie Comer playing you in the movie/six-part series, Helen! God, I remember the rage … once the floodgates opened I could direct it at other people and situations instead of myself. The self-destruction necessity was gone.

posted 28th February 2023

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