love lay down beside me and we wept

By Helen Murray Taylor

A rare and lyrical memoir about the author's time in a psychiatric ward and her road to recovery

Monday, 24 April 2023

A chance to read uncorrected proofs

Hello everyone,

Do you fancy getting your hands on love lay down beside me and we wept while the ink is still drying on the proofs? A good three months before anyone else? Then the new reward that has just been made available might be for you. You can pledge or upgrade to a special uncorrected proof level which means that you can read it before it is officially published. Don't worry,  you will still get the proper hardback version when it comes out as well (which also means you have the fun of comparing the two versions). 


One of the rewards that has been missing until now is the e-book. Happily that has also just been made available. I know some people who don't live in the UK have been put off by postage costs etc. Hopefully the e-book might persuade a few more readers to come on board.

The excellent news is that we are up to 85%. Welcome and a massive thank you to all the new supporters and also to the people who made some really generous extra donations recently. We are very close now. I'm going to spend the next few days working on a strategy to see if we can get the book over the line asap. (All ideas welcome!!)

And finally thank you for all the kind messages that you sent me about my mum. It was so lovely to hear from so many of you.

Helen x 

Photo by Fabio Santaniello Bruun on Unsplash

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