Love Bites

By Elena Kaufman

Foreigners, drifters, and eccentrics reach out to strangers in their desire to be witnessed, to be connected, and to find safety in a sea of anonymity

Friday, 12 January 2018

Guten Rutsch

Happy new year – or, as they say here in Germany: Guten Rutsch, which means a ‘good slide’ into the new year.

On new year’s eve I received six texts with the same video of an elephant sliding belly first down a muddy mountain path. So, on that visual metaphor yes, thank you, I will lose weight this year, and yes, good idea, I will have more fun in my life. I’ve just finished the Christmas cookies so there are no more temptations and I’ve decided to go back to theatre improv classes and let my inner child play.

As for the book, here’s some good news: our publication goal is early February, the cover art will be revealed soon, and I’ve got a great café/bar to launch in, here in Hamburg. I’ll be looking for cafes, bars, or bookstores in Canada in the spring, so if any of you have tips or suggestions please pass them on. A friend/writing student of mine will make a short promo film and another friend says she can help with some media promo. I’ve got to get more savvy with online launches – some of the other Unbounders do virtual book launches and book groups and Q & A sessions.  But first: the website.

Step by step this’ll happen.

Back to that mountain metaphor I used in an earlier blog post for the tough, uphill slog of writing…when I reach the top of this mountain I will hug my book to my chest and launch myself down that muddy mountain path like the elephant having a blast.  Care to join me?

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