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Sunday, 11 March 2018

Dear supporters,

If a picture tells a thousand words I would have to write a book of over a million words to express my new cover. Designed by the incomparable Marc Ecob ( who incorporates the feel of the stories, the symbolism of many of the objects which show up in the stories, and the right mood for my writing - all in images. Some people are uber talented.

Sorry to tease you but I cannot reveal this gorgeous cover yet...but soon, yes very soon. The busy bees at Unbound are getting my words together, matching them up to paper and e-paper and making the magic happen.

You'll be the first to hear the good news. My champagne, or Sekt (German) is in the fridge and I've got extra glasses too so hope to see you soon.

Take care, all, on this Sunday.

best wishes, Elena

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