Love Bites

By Elena Kaufman

Foreigners, drifters, and eccentrics reach out to strangers in their desire to be witnessed, to be connected, and to find safety in a sea of anonymity

Saturday, 31 October 2020

Blue Moon on All Hallow's Eve & DOTD Thriller

Love Bites friends on Halloween,

The title of my book sounds like something vampire-ish and since it's that time of year, I thought I'd send you all virtual candy. Here's a mini-chocolate bar of your choice, or two, or three. My kids were ghosts, we've carved the pumpkin and made a soup out of another. The pumpkin's name is 'Mr. Kurbis' (pumpkin in German). Nothing scary has literally happened to us although there is a lot of fear in the world right now.

I’m writing to ANNOUNCE MY NEW BOOK and ask if you're interested in either:

1. escaping into a thriller/adventure
2. taking your nerves on a little adventure
3. curious as to how a journalist from California could rescue kidnapped girls in Mexico

.... then please check out my new series, co-written with Steven Moore (a prolific British writer living in Mexico).

Day of the Dead: A Mig Comacho Vigilante Action Thriller

It's gone live for Halloween and Day of the Dead Festival in November.

This is a huge switch from my short stories since it's genre fiction which was a lot of fun to write, despite the learning curve. It features a kick-butt journalist investigating a criminal element at the highest level. I'm writing under my pseudonym, Edie Kaufman. Please also join me on my page for updates and contests:

On a fun note, look out your window tonight if you're in the northern hemisphere and you'll catch an ultra-rare Blue Moon. The last time this happened was back in 1944. And it will not happen again until 2039! We just set eyes on this beauty for a moment before it was shrouded in clouds.

Meanwhile, I hope you're all keeping healthy and safe and putting your fear into something creative or an outlet that helps you remain calm. Keep breathing.

With warmest and scariest wishes from Hamburg,


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