Love Bites

By Elena Kaufman

Foreigners, drifters, and eccentrics reach out to strangers in their desire to be witnessed, to be connected, and to find safety in a sea of anonymity

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Birthing 3 babies

Dear supporters,

Sunday is a good day to bring news, when we have time to write and read and digest it. So, I'd like to share some: my crowdfunding campaign has come alongside being pregnant with twins. Although LOVE BITES, which you have so generously supported, is already in the world (the stories are written, some are published, and some still need editing), the twins have not yet arrived. When the promo video was made the babies were little tadpoles. Now they are nearly ready to make their appearance while the book is 75% funded. Nearly there.

Over the years, I have had a lot of time to create the stories in LOVE BITES and have run them by my trusted writer's group and reader friends and, in particular, with the renowned author Joan Barfoot during the Humber School for Writers correspondence course in Toronto.

These babies (my first) have been along for the Unbound ride, knowingly or not. They've been kicking and flipping and competing in a football championship while I've been eating salty crackers and drinking ginger tea while crowdfunding. The twins' due date is mid-December and the Unbound funding deadline will be the same or earlier - if I'm honest and realistic.

On that note, would you take a moment today to share my campaign with one friend, family member, work colleague, or acquaintance today? The project needs 25% more funding and there's not much more time, so every bit helps. I'm already so appreciative of your belief in my project and look forward to sharing the writing with you if we can get this baby out there - diapers and all - and I promise they don't stink.The stories, I mean.

Enjoy your Sunday, with wishes, Elena

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