680 days from launch to takeoff

Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Dear supporters,

What's a few numbers? Specifically, a 6, an 8, and an 0. That is how many days it has taken me to get this book from nearly finished to nearly in your hands or on your Kindles or in your Pigeonhole


THE ONLINE LAUNCH IS THIS THURSDAY, yes, in two days and I'm kind of freaking out because, well, it's all so virtual. I haven't received the box of books so there's nothing to hold on to except my hat and a glass of champagne. The Pigeonhole, 'the book club in your pocket' will be starting us off by serialising it from Thursday, which means one story per day. You can read, comment, and interact with me there. So I'm going to have to get out of my pyjamas and do some work. Kidding. Or you can pre-order the full e-book on Amazon.co.uk for the very low price of .99 cents - for a limited time - if you would like to pass that info on to your reader and writer friends (since most of you reading this have already secured your own copy).

Now let's sit back and think about those three little numbers: 680 and how many things we've all gotten done since May 2016. I'm just waiting for the stars to align so that this book gets out and I can move on to the next.

We'll be in touch. Meanwhile, wishes to you all and to all a good night,

Please do share this with your peeps:~

https://www.elenakaufman.com/ (the elves are busy working on this one)

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