108 stairs

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Hello dear LOVE BITES supporters,

We're in Berlin this week and staying in a comedy writer's apartment. Yep. If that doesn't give me incentive I don't know what could. The only challenge is that getting up to this light-flooded apartment at the top of an elevator-less building in Kreuzburg is hard work. 

It's 108 stairs up. Another 108 stairs down.

Forget your groceries downstairs? Or the dog? It's back down 108 and then up again. The metaphor for this journey is: slow and steady wins the race AND the other metaphor (yes, you get two for the price of one today) is that planning is essential. So, on that note: writing is planning and writing is also taking tiny steps which eventually add up to pages, and chapters, and a book. 

When I put these ideas together I realize that what I've been doing in my writing is the opposite: going one step up, then a leap down, doing a few sideways shuffles, having a quick sit-down until the neighbour has to squeeze past me and I'm racing past her down the stairs but having forgotten my keys, have to walk back up, out of breath, exhausting myself, so I have to take  a nap on step 98, gather energy for the last 10 steps, and finally use my keys to enter the apartment and slam the door behind me determined to take a nap and never go out again. That's kind of how it feels to be writing without a plan and without the slow and steady approach.

At least I have comfy shoes.


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