Lost & Found

By Elizabeth Garner

A treasure trove of folk tales by Elizabeth Garner

Saturday, 19 March 2022

Words & Pictures for Lost & Found

I'm delighted to be able to share this lovely video commissioned by the Unbounders to celebrate World Storytelling Day 2022 - which in a moment of extreme serendipity is exploring the theme of "Lost and Found." 

Click on this link to join myself and John Mitchinson as we take a sneak peek into my notebooks and also explore a selection of Phoebe's beautiful illustrations.  Catch a glimpse of magical moons, enchanted beasts and of course, Trickster Jack.

It wouldn't have been possible without the hard work of the behind the scenes creative team. Huge thanks to Al Kenny for the audio, image sourcing and graphic design; Mark Ecob for the cover design; David Heke for additional photography; John Dipper & James Patterson for the music.  

I hope you enjoy and please feel free to share with anyone who might be interested.  There is a 10% discount code of STORYTELLING10 available until 27th March - just add it at the checkout.  You can also use this to update your pledge on all rewards up to £100: bookplates, prints and workshops still available.  Thanks, as always, for the support - this conversation would never have happened if not for all of you!

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