Lost & Found

By Elizabeth Garner

A treasure trove of folk tales by Elizabeth Garner

Tuesday, 22 December 2020

Seasons Greetings from the fictional forest...

Seasons Greetings and best wishes to you all for the turning of this very strange year.  The supoort for Lost & Found has really kept me going during these challenging months, thank you - all of you!

Phoebe has been working away in her studio and it's so exciting to see her initial sketches for the wood engravings.  The call and response between image and text is building a wonderful momentum. So, here's a peek into the magic at the heart of the forest that Just Jimmy travels through.  It's a story of transformation and loss and the self-knowledge that comes with it...

Jimmy was not far into the forest when there was a crashing in the undergrowth, and stumbling out onto the path ahead came a white stag with golden antlers.  Jimmy looked at it, it looked at Jimmy and an understanding passed between them.  Then it bolted and was gone.

Then there was the call of a hunting horn, and thundering down the path came a bold black stallion. On its back was a handsome young man dressed in red livery, with a sword swinging at his side.

“Have you seen a fine white stag pass this way?” he cried

“That I have,” said Jimmy.  “And if any harm comes to that stag, whatever it is that you love most in all the world will be forever lost to you.”

“So I have heard tell,” scoffed the young man. “From the mouths of Henwives and Simpletons. It is only a story.”

“That’s as maybe,” said Jimmy. “But some stories are true.”

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John Matthews
 John Matthews says:

I am so much looking forward to this book. I have known your father for a number of years and have read pretty much every word he's written . Now, with these stories, I can see how much of the folk lore that went into his work will blossom, as it does in your own remarkable work. Very best of luck with this and may we soon be holding copies in our hands.

posted 22nd December 2020

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