Lost & Found

By Elizabeth Garner

A treasure trove of folk tales by Elizabeth Garner

Friday, 16 September 2022

Lost & Found - Upwards & Onwards!

So very excited to be ushuring Lost & Found out into the world!  Thanks so much to each and every one of you for your support along the way.  The book would not exist without you, it's as simple as that. 

In celebration Unbound have released this beautiful film by David Heke with music by John Dipper.  It was originally the start of the promo that we made for the launch of the campaign, so it's lovely to see it coming full circle today.  Also, delighted to share this image of Lost & Found in its natural habitat at The Blackden Trust - as echoed in this close-up from Phoebe's wonderful Johnnie-He-Not illustration.

I've got a few events planned for the months ahead, both online and in person. Do keep an eye on Unbound & my social media for further updates.  In the meantime, thanks so much, again. I hope you enjoy the tales.

Finally, I can only apologise for delays in the postage: strikes, Covid and acts of the Unknown have slightly disrupted the process.  Copies should be landing on your doorsteps right now but if you have any concerns please contact support@unbound.com - they are there to help.

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Ted Dewan
 Ted Dewan says:

It just arrived two days ago! Lots of food gets delivered to this house, but nothing as appetising as this book is as soon as it slides from the envelope. Hugh Lupton sets it all up perfectly. Then it's Elizabeth Garner's turn to dare dig deep into the Earth, and add, by name, another colourful rock atop each story's massive cairn.

posted 16th September 2022

Linda Doughty
 Linda Doughty says:

Mine arrived yesterday, absolutely gorgeous, loving the artwork and the tales - highly recommend.

posted 16th September 2022

Elizabeth Garner
 Elizabeth Garner says:

Thank you Ted for such lovely reflections on the book. A great analogy - and very much appreciated!

posted 16th September 2022

Elizabeth Garner
 Elizabeth Garner says:

Thanks so much for the recommendation, Linda. So glad you are enjoying the book.

posted 16th September 2022

elizabeth madden
 elizabeth madden says:

Could you give me the links to your social media, please, as I would like to share my Review of your excellent Collection with as many folk as possible. Slainte, Elizabeth.

posted 17th September 2022

Elizabeth Garner
 Elizabeth Garner says:

Many thanks for your kind response Elizabeth and your enthusiasm.
My social media links are Twitter: @Lostandfoundst2
FB: https://www.facebook.com/ElizabethGarnerAuthor
I really appreciate your support in the book at every stage.

posted 18th September 2022

Teresa Shergold
 Teresa Shergold says:

I am still waiting for my copy of this book even after such a long wait? I have even been shown the book by Phoebe Connolly. Can I ask that someone contacts me by email to update me on the situation. Many thanks.

posted 5th December 2022

Elizabeth Garner
 Elizabeth Garner says:

Hi Teresa,

I'm really sorry to hear this. Your support of the book is really appreciated by all involved. Please do email support@unbound.com and they should be able to sort this out asap.

posted 8th December 2022

Unbound Support
 Unbound Support says:

Hi Teresa,

Thank you for reaching out, I'm sorry to hear you haven't received your copy yet. Please do check you have confirmed your dispatch address in your Unbound account. If you have any other concerns please email support@unbound.com and we'll be able to sort this for you.

Best wishes,


posted 8th December 2022

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