Lost & Found

By Elizabeth Garner

A treasure trove of folk tales by Elizabeth Garner

Wednesday, 2 February 2022

Imbolc and onwards

Imbolc greetings to all!  There are signs of Spring ahead and new beginnings, in more ways than one.

Firstly, I wanted to share the practical news... We're at  proof reading corrections stages now, and it's so exciting to see all the elements coming together.  However, following discussions with my editor at Unbound about the best time to publish Lost & Found in the wider world, we have taken the decision to move publication by a few months from May to September 2022. We will still aim to send you your copies before it hits bookshops, and I'll be able to confirm when that will be closer to the time.  Both Phoebe and I really do appreciate your continued patience and support during this final push to the finish line.

This does mean that the subscriptions list will be open for a little longer.  I am planning one last  Finding & Keeping Folktales Workshop for April, if that appeals.  In the meantime, Phoebe is putting the last touches to the illustrations and I will be sharing more of those as they come off the blocks.  The original artwork rewards are all snapped up now, but there is still the option of the A4 digital print rewards.  Here's a sneak preview of The King Of The Birds for you.  A tale of adventure, cunning and indeed new beginnings...

If you ever find yourself lost on a twisting path in the forest, in need of some cleverness and courage and a clear, sweet song to set you on your way, you would do well to seek out Little Jenny Wren...



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Daniella Clark
 Daniella Clark says:

This is an utterly beautiful illustration. Full of envy and awe!

I’m sure the book will be equally inspiring.

posted 3rd February 2022

Elizabeth Garner
 Elizabeth Garner says:

Thanks Daniella, yes it's so inspiring to see Phoebe's illustrations emerging. I'll be sharing more as they come off the blocks... No need to be envious though, you can snap up a digital A4 print and have your very own King Of The Birds to admire :-)

posted 3rd February 2022

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