Lost & Found

By Elizabeth Garner

A treasure trove of folk tales by Elizabeth Garner

Thursday, 31 October 2019

Happy Samhain!

Thank you so much to all of you who have pledged so far and shown such generous support for the book.  It's so exciting to have got over the 15% mark in the first week.  Lovely to know that so many of you want these stories and these woodcarved worlds to make it onto the page.  Do please continue to post and share and help Lost & Found become a reality. 

It also feels very appropriate to have crossed this boundary on Samhain.  Not least because I have been working on The Coal Companion story this week, my retelling of the tale of How Jack Got His Lantern... The deeper I go digging into the research and the variations, the stranger and darker it gets.  As often happens, I've written the end of the story but am still figuring out how to get there.  As such, here's some advice for the evening ahead ...

There is one night a year where boundaries are broken, thresholds can be crossed and out becomes in.

On All Hallow’s Eve, Jack comes creeping, lantern in hand, into the gloomiest places of this world – the dark hearts of forest, marshes and the moorlands.

Some folk say that he is offering adventure, lighting the way to buried treasures. Others say that he means to guide us all down to purgatory alongside him for the sake of company.

Only one thing is certain.  If you find yourself lost and lonely in the depths of the night and you see a light dancing at the edge of the darkness, best turn your back upon it and walk on.

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