Lost & Found

By Elizabeth Garner

A treasure trove of folk tales by Elizabeth Garner

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

50% and more of Johnnie He Not

Another month, another threshold!  I am so delighted to reach the 50% as we go forth into December.  Both Phoebe and myself are absolutely thrilled by your support.  We wouldn't have got here without your belief in the book and you all, quite literally, spreading the word.  Thanks so much. 

In celebration I've released some more of the Johnnie He Not story, updated on the Exerpt link on the Project Synopsis page.

Tibbie, Old Wullie and The Farmer are now more than half-way through their journey.  The final showdown will be revealed at 75%   As you might have gathered by now, this not a tale for the faint-hearted. But it is perfect for these long dark nights.  Enjoy the unfolding and keep your backs against the Strong Door!

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