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By Andy Hamilton

A handwritten epic novel from a comedy legend.

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Publication date: 03 September 2020

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Malcolm George Galbraith is a large, somewhat clumsy, Scotsman. He’s being forced to leave the woman he loves behind and needs to explain why.

So he leaves her a handwritten note on the kitchen table (well, more a 300 page letter than a note). In it, Malcolm decides to start from the beginning and tell the whole story of his long life, something he’s never dared do before.

Because Malcolm isn’t what he seems: he’s had other names and lived in other places. A lot of other places. As it gathers pace, Malcom’s story combines tragedy, comedy, mystery, a touch of leprosy, several murders, a massacre, a ritual sacrifice, an insane tyrant, two great romances, a landslide, a fire, and a talking fish.

But that’s not all that makes Longhand special. Andy Hamilton has waited thirty years to tell Malcolm’s story. Because there’s only ever been one way to tell it. In longhand!

Andy has always written in longhand, but this is the first time he has ever found publisher willing to publish him that way. All 300 pages, reproduced in Andy’s perfectly legible italic handwriting (with the odd crossing out).

It’s a publishing first! Pledge to help a man who doesn’t use a mobile phone and isn’t keen on the internet to get a book published in longhand for the very first time.


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55 pledges


A copy of the eBook and your name in the back of the book.
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    Andy Hamilton

    Andy Hamilton is a comedy writer, performer and director. He regularly appears on the BBC TV panel shows Have I Got News for You and on Radio 4’s News Quiz and I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue. His television writing credits include Outnumbered, Drop the Dead Donkey, Not the Nine O'Clock News, Trevor's World of Sport, Ballot Monkeys, Power Monkeys and many others. He also co-created the movie What We Did On Our Holiday. For twenty years he has played Satan in the Radio 4 comedy Old Harry’s Game, which he also writes.

    Praise for Andy Hamilton’s previous Unbound novel A Star Witness:

    ‘This book should be issued free on the NHS to anyone who claims they want to live a “celebrity lifestyle”.’ – SANDI TOKSVIG

    ‘The story unfolds with a brisk inevitability, but what I liked most was the steady moral good sense at the heart of it.’ – PHILIP PULLMAN

    ‘Like its author, this book is funny, poignant and too short.’ – JACK DEE

  • Andy Hamilton has written 1 private update. You can pledge to get access to them all.

    6th December 2019 Serious hard work

    Photos by the very talented Billie Charity.

    6th December 2019 A few more pages

    5th December 2019 Getting there

    A big thanks to everyone who's pledged support for Longhand - the novel that's going to be published in my handwriting.

    I've already written a couple of hundred pages and, best news of all, I'm booked in for wrist-replacement surgery in early March.

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  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith asked:

    Hi, Please can you confirm that the e-book will also be in longhand exactly like the paper version? Thanks!

    Andy Hamilton
    Andy Hamilton replied:

    Yes, it’ll be just like the paper version except not on paper. All the best, Andy.