Living Food: A Feast For Soil & Soul

By Daphne Lambert

A life changing journey through soil, food, love, conviviality & nourishment

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Get creative with beans & peas

I've been creating some rather delicious dishes with beans & peas.
If you've never been that excited by tempeh, pea tempeh & fermented red cabbage will change the way you think forever. Tastes so good the recipe is now in 'Living Food'.
I use Hodmedod's beans & peas. Check them out all their products are British grown and can be turned into warm salads, curries, pilafs, chunky soups and dips infact an abundance of dishes for cold February nights. The organic fava beans make a great houmus and the organic split yellow peas a really warming Winter soup.
I am going to spend the whole of Feruary writing which is rather good. Keep spreading the word to pledge!
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