Living Food: A Feast For Soil & Soul

By Daphne Lambert

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A life changing journey through soil, food, love, conviviality & nourishment

Publication date: August 2016
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About the book

Living Food – A Feast for Soil & Soul is a book that brings alive the connections between food, our health and the health of the planet.

It's about how food nourishes and nurtures who we are, how vibrant living food creates health and vitality, and how the food we choose to eat is of the utmost importance if we are to preserve the integrity, stability and beauty of this planet.

It starts at the beginning, with soil, and examines the relationship between our environment and ourselves, showing how individual and planetary health are entwined. Structurally, the book is divided into sections representing the four seasons to highlight how brilliant Nature is at providing the right foods at the right time: in Spring we cleanse and revitalise the body with tender green shoots, in Summer the vibrantly coloured foods all around fire our bodies and our imaginations, in Autumn the abundant harvest supports us as we prepare for Winter, and the foods that nourish us most during the reflective Winter months are the dense, textured, earthy flavours of root crops. Nutritional insights and simple, delicious seasonal recipes appear throughout the book.


Living Food explores the importance of sharing food, how gathering together around the table strengthens our relationships, builds healthy communities and supports personal well being.

Throughout the book Living Food introduces you to the foods best able to support your journey through life, from conception to eldership, and establishes the importance of food as a system of communication, conviviality, and community.

The foods you choose to eat create who you are body, mind & soul – I invite you to think more deeply about the food you eat.

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