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Saturday, 15 November 2014

the wrong car

I’m never sure what postmodern is, or indeed was. I’m not even sure what modern is. Some people might call me old-fashioned.  Maybe my time-frame is too temporal. I’m  reading George Saunders which doesn’t help. That Brechtian idea of putting you outside the text to understand something you don’t understand anyway is something I don’t understand. Once upon a time a story was just a story.

I’ve got a stupid mind that’s not very good at organising things. About thirty-five-years ago, or perhaps longer, I can’t rightly remember, I read a story about a woman who jumped out in front of a car. I don’t know who the author was, but I’d guess you’d describe it as sci-fi. The car stopped before it hit her. Ho-hum you say. That’s not a very good story. It would be better if it hit her. Then the author could go on to describe the impact: blood, broken bones, gore, and a scatter of screeching metal wrapped around an acute case of guilt and, for modern readers, post-traumatic stress disorder.

The car and roads had sensors. It  carried passengers but was driverless. Jump forward in time and we have Google-driverless cars. They’re too modern for the road.

Even Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang had a driver, but it had wings to help out the driver in a tight scrape. The prototype Slovakian flying car unveiled last week in Vienna has a flight range of several hundred miles and an average ground speed of 125 mph. You can imagine the postmodern signs outside school gates: ‘Using the school football pitch as a runway is both stupid and selfish.’ Try and decipher that.            


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Pia Lenau
 Pia Lenau says:

Future modern?

posted 17th November 2014

Jack O'Donnell
 Jack O'Donnell says:

well Pia, I'm not really sure, just my best guess. Everybody, if they think about it, has their own vision of the future?

posted 24th November 2014

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