Lily Poole

By Jack O'Donnell

A ground-breaking blend of ghost story, murder mystery and Scottish social drama

Sunday, 7 December 2014

the honourable gentleman

I bequeath you my estate

All that you desire

A short-list of all that entails

I leave you with stroke of pen

Dirty Paddys

Smelly Pakis

Grasping Jew

Nature’s subnormal

Peddle the same old lie

There’s beauty in us all

Bigoted, bullying, lying types

Let those churchgoers barter

A foot on the board

Their name on a charter

Let’s not forget it’s our welfare

That matters

I leave you son

The castle, the battlements

Ancient seat of our moneyed power

Freedom is all well and good

But let’s not be cruel

Culture is an acquired taste

Convenient bait for little men

Those who like to patsy and pretend

Something we were born to understand

Not for the likes of the common man. 

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