Lily Poole

By Jack O'Donnell

A ground-breaking blend of ghost story, murder mystery and Scottish social drama

Wednesday, 29 October 2014


We all need a bit of help with editing, making our stories a little better, and a lot sharper. I’m certainly no exception to that rule. We often project what we think we mean onto the page. It’s often easier for someone else to pick up the faults and fault lines in our story. We need that other reader to see what we cannot.

What I propose is to offer my editing skills. Pledge to Lily Poole and send me your story and I’ll make suggestions about how to make it stronger.

If you are wondering how much you should pledge, well, look around you. Google a few sites. Guardian Unlimited, for example, are offering up to £1000 discount on their courses, but it’ll still leave you £4000 to £5000 out of pocket. Pledge what you think is fair.

I pledge to return your story, with a full critique within seven days (unless, of course, it’s that novel you had stored in your hard drive, where you should be looking at the largest pledge and a longer time frame).

I will return whatever money you have pledged if you feel the critique is inadequate, or just doesn’t do it for you.

I will also return your pledge if, when you get your copy of Lily Poole you’re disappointed and would simply like your money back. That’s win-win.  So take a chance and pledge-pledge. You’ve nothing to lose. 

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