Lily Poole

By Jack O'Donnell

A ground-breaking blend of ghost story, murder mystery and Scottish social drama

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Cogito Ergo Sum

National Poetry Day: 

I’m a creature of habit.

All that I seem.

An Aristotelian ideal,

Proof that I’m real.

I believe in faculties.

A soul’s natural fall.

Christians, Soldiers, Heathens.

Aren’t we all?

I’m very close to self-expression.

Conviction never works for me.

Inclination or disposition?

Pegs of self-belief.

Reason racked by disbelief.

In a world of ends

I come up short

Crystallise what I know

Generation to Generation

I told you so.

Proof is always present

Insight always sure.

I think I know

Because you told me so

Cogito ergo sum.    


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