Like an Orange

By Wallis Eates

A collaborative graphic novel about brain injury survivors incorporating their words and pictures.

Thursday, 20 September 2018

September news

Hello all 

The orange of the summer sun is now setting into the trees to tint the leaves before they fall. I do love autumn so!

I hope you are all well and as hopelessly excited about all the colours we get to see at this time of year as I am. I’m particularly looking forward to working on ‘Like an Orange’ as the season gets going whilst in Essex! I was thrilled last week to be informed that I’ve been selected to spend a week on an artist’s retreat in Southend as part of the Culture LAB: Inkhead initiative run by Metal Culture. A small group of comics artists will have the opportunity to dedicate time to our projects and get feedback from each other. I will choose a Headway member whose story I have not yet drawn, and see what happens. I can’t wait!

The opportunity to immerse oneself in a project is such a joy and so productive. Over the summer, when I did my residency at Double Jab boxing club, I was able to do this because I got paid. I really hope I can apply the same to ‘Like an Orange’ if my Arts Council application is successful. I’ve failed at this THREE TIMES already!! My brain was not made for application forms – it’s like I can actually feel space or little distracting goblins where sensible neural networks should have formed. Still, the good news is that I now have a gallery who are interested in launching the book when it comes out, so this will help the application. The Hart Gallery in Waterloo are all about championing neurodiversity in the arts and are in fact going to be exhibiting some works by members from Headway in the near future – so watch that gallery space!

I’m also going to have a piece of work exhibited in ‘Mind the Art’ – a group show exploring mental health. Poster attached for more details – do go along if you can. Included in the line-up is fellow Unbounder Lucy Sullivan, can’t wait to see her piece!

Finally, the work-in-progress attached today is a continuation of a piece I posted a few updates back - some of Tirzeh's story. I hope you like it.

Thank you as ever for your support on this project – it’s great to have an audience to give updates to! The campaign has been at 36% funded for ages now, so any social media whatnots for a boost would be most welcome!

Happy autumn-watching,



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