Like an Orange

By Wallis Eates

A collaborative graphic novel about brain injury survivors incorporating their words and pictures.

Thursday, 25 July 2019

Peel off and listen in

Hello one and all,

How is everyone? As I write this, I am fortunately sheltered from the searing tempretures and their sinister implications, but in half an hour or so I will be venturing out and facing what's what. I hope you are all managing ok!

Since I last wrote, I have been enjoying gratefully the Arts Council funding I received, and have been at home beavering away on 'Like an Orange'. My latest work in progress directly involves some art work by Phil, one of the survivors I met at Headway, so I can't really show you until he's seen it and given me the thumbs up (or not, as the case may be - fingers crossed).

So, in the meantime, please feel free to listen to my interview with the extraordinary polymath-of-the-arts Jude Cowan Montague (top left) on Resonance FM. I would seriously give the rest of her shows a listen too, her enquiring mind and eclectic interests brings many goods to the table. Here is the link:…/the-news-agents-29th-june-2019/

If anyone is interested in learning more about women-identifying comic artists (who aren't already well into it), the London branch of Laydeez Do Comics is starting up again tonight after a small break. We're very excited to be hosted by The Cartoon Museum at their brand spanking new venue!! I'll be talking about 'Like an Orange' at our Birmingham branch on 5th August if you're around there and then, do pop by. Check out our website and get signed up for further details and updates:

Below is a drawing that may help empathetically if you're boiling. Available from my Etsy shop:

Bye for now,



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