Like an Orange

By Wallis Eates

A collaborative graphic novel about brain injury survivors incorporating their words and pictures.

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Like a BOX of oranges

Hi everyone

So sorry I haven't been in touch for a while, I've been all hands on deck with a different project that's taking all my time. I'm doing a residency in my local boxing club in Deptford, London. Just like my residency at Headway, I've been immersing myself within the community and interviewing members, and now I'm producing a comic about them with an emphasis on female recreational boxing and the club's 'Jab Don't Stab' motto. 

With an exhibition of the work and a launch of the comic coming up in August, this project has had a faster turnaround. If anyone would like to come and see the work, it will be up on the walls in Deptford Does Art from 16th - 31st August. There will be a launch and a panel discussion on two seperate occasions so please feel free to contact me on if you would like to attend either of them.

Orange News

Then back to Orange - I miss it! My news is that I have had a very good meeting with Arts Council England and will be making my fourth - yes FOURTH - application to fund my time in producing the work for this project. Strewth.

So given my lack of juicy update, I shall leave you with a quote from Tony, one of the members at Headway, that is relevent every day.

Have fun, don't melt, (that's not the quote - see below!)


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